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Photojournalist  |  Director  |  Writer  |  New Hampshire Native  |  Emerson Alum  |  Chicago Local
Jesse Genito

At 11 years old, I fell in love with the candid work of Switchfoot's photographer, Andy Barron. I begged my parents for my first camera -- an old, secondhand Kodak DX3700 with a whole *three* megapixels. (I was elated). At 13, I became a yearbook nerd and fell in love with candid photography. At 17, I moved to Boston to pursue a journalism degree (the real world doesn't have yearbooks, they have magazines). At 23, I moved to Chicago with a newfound love for performance art. I began writing material for Second City stages, and at 24 I became the director, co-writer, and cue card master of a weekly live late-night talk show at iO Theater. At 26, I am a freelance portrait photographer. 

I have an innate curiosity for people and their work. I love documenting all facets of history, from political unrest to behind the scenes of iconic entertainment. Photography lets me indulge that curiosity, living vicariously through others in windows of time where I can emerge myself in unique jobs, homes, and personalities.

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